Landets mest internasjonale bluesband har i løpet av den siste tiden vært blant headlinerne på to av Europas største bluesfestivaler; Blues & Jazz Rallye i Luxembourg og Peer i Belgia foruten turnering i USA og festival- og klubbjobber i Skandinavia. Ba
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Jam Session / Åpen Scene!!!
Velkommen til JAM SESSION / ÅPEN SCENE med ANTROPÓFAGOS som jamvert annen hver onsdag fra 12.OKTOBER på BLUE MONK, St. Olavs Gate 23; Oslo Musikere og andre artister er velkommen å delta Du kan komme alene eller ta med deg hele bandet Dersom du
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Powerful Stuff
Norges råeste Bluesband!!
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Beathe Keyler
Beathe Keyler er en plateaktuell bergensartist med soloalbumet Come on home (utgitt Mars 2006) CD-Anmeldelser: Terningkast-5- Publisert i Norsk avis den 11.08.2006 Lovende og moden debut fra Bergen -Fordomsfri sjangerblanding ! Musikken er Ru
Suggested By: Medea Records B. Kuchler

Bluesartister fra Danmark

Kenn Lending Blues Band blev dannet af guitaristen og sangeren Kenn Lending i 1980. Bandet har i årenes løb altid haft travlt med jobs på spillesteder, festivaler, skoler, private fester o.s.v. over hele landet. Pressen har tit omtalt dem, som landets hår
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Thorbjörn Risager Blue 7
R&B og blues fra Danmark. Ble utsett till årets bluesband på Copenhagen Bluesfestival 2005
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Bluesartister fra Sverige

Sven Zetterberg was born 1952 in Skärblacka , Sweden. He started playing the harmonica at the age of 12 after being introduced to the music of Little Walter and Big Walter Horton. He later moved to Södertälje where he formed his first band, the Telge Blue
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Michael K's Rumble Pack
Michael Kahari, ex Mojodoc Blues Band guitarist, has gone solo. A cross between 60's brittish invation and Texan root music it's obvious that Mike was born and raised to the soundtrack of Clapton/Green/Taylor and the three Kings.

Bluesartister fra USA og andre land

Bob Dylan, født 24. mai 1941 i Duluth, Minnesota, er en svært kjent amerikansk sanger og låtskriver. Han er blant de mest innflytelsesrike og viktigste personene i popmusikkens historie. Blant annet revolusjonerte han rockemusikken ved å legge til poesi i
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His reign as King of the Blues has been as long as that of any monarch on earth. Yet B.B. King continues to wear his crown well. At age 76, he is still light on his feet, singing and playing the blues with relentless passion. Time has no apparent effect o
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Blues superstar Luther Allison's performance at the 1995 Chicago Blues Festival, in front of an audience of over 150,000 screamingfans, saw the blues master returning home at the absolute peak of his live performing powers. His energy and focus brought t
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Jimmy Dawkins was born October 24, 1936, in Tchula, Mississippi. His family moved to Pascagoula in the early 1940´s when Jimmy'sfather got a job there. Jimmy stayed in Pascagoula until he moved to Chicago in 1955. Dawkins started playing guitar at an ear Suggested By: Kjell Mersland

For the past 25 years, The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been the quintessential American band. The group's distinctive and powerful sound, influenced by a diversity of musical styles, manifested itself into a unique musical hybrid via such barnburners as "T
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RED'S VISION - HIS LIFE The current blues scene in the U.S. and Europe is characterized by a wide variety of styles and musicians. However, as the years go passing by there are fewer and fewer artists left that were active during the formative years of b
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Born in the Bronx, raised in Queens, Popa cut his eyeteeth playing with Screaming Mad George and Disgusting. Later he played alongside legendary punk poet Richard Hell and Irish singer/songwriter Pierce Turner before moving out of the shadows to hold down
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The Pat Savage Band
Pat Savage is a award winning blues guitarist from Canada who has worked with giants like Albert King, Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Matt Guitar Murphy and many more. Now living in Tananger Norway he is working on new Cd with piano man Riedar Larsen.
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