The story.

Christiansand Blues Club was founded in October 1996 in Kristiansand, Norway.

The first arrangement took place in October at "Down Town", Hotel Fregatten. This is the story from that very night, quoting:

"Wednesday the 9th of October the doors opened and people poured in. The excitement was in the air for the forthcoming happening. Kjell entered the stage and addressed the audience. First he told the news of the newly founded blues club in town. After that he made a short presentation leading to the big moment to come: Louisiana Red coming forward, uncovering our black stage curtain with the CBC logo hand painted in white. Blue tones from Red and his band filled the air and we were going."

Since then CBC has been on various places around the town and the number of members has varied between 460 and 250. A down-to-earth and hard working club management has kept the club alive and going through various challenges and at the moment we seem to be content with about ten arrangements a year.

CBC issues its own club magazine "Bluestikka" four times a year and it's ranked as the best in the country.

CBC manages "Bragdøya Blues" in cooperation with Bragdøya Kystlag every year, preferably in June. This one day blues festival takes place on an island in the harbour area of Kristiansand.

Here's our list of arrangements:
09.10.96: Lousiana Red & Blue Masters (USA/Norway)
16.10.96: Junior Wells (USA)
21.02.97: Lazy Lester Band, Texas Johnny Brown w/band, Steve James (USA)
31.05.97: Bragdøya Blues
10.10.97: Tiger City Jukes (Norway)
24.10.97: Burton Gaar (USA)
28.11.97: Jonnie Basset & The Blues Insurgents (USA)
12.12.97: Sven Zetterberg w/band (Sweden/N)
16.01.98: The Blue Juke Lords
13.02.98: R.J Mischo & his Red Hot Bluesband (USA)
27.03.98: Bjørn Berge (Haugesund)
24.04.98: Long John Hunter (USA)
15.05.98: Ritas Lolitas (Kristiansand)
13.06.98: Bragdøya Blues
28.08.98: Percy Strother Band (USA)
02.09.98: B.B. & The blues shacks (Germany) at Highway 61.
18.09.98: Texas Twisters
02.10.98: Union Blues Band
23.10.98: R&B Express
06.11.98: Exello Legends (USA)
27.11.98: Rattlesnakin' Daddies
11.12.98: Knock Out Greg (Julebord) (Sweden)
15.01.99: Pigalle Blues Band
25.02.99: Otis Grand (UK)
21.04.99: Kenn Lending og Dana La Croix (Denmark/Canada)
27.05.99: Anson Funderburgh and The Rockets featuring Sam Myers (USA)
11.06.99: Vetrhus Bluesband (Odda)
12.06.99: Bragdøya Blues
19.07.99: Sven Zetterberg, Marquee Band, Divin` Ducks (S/N/N)
20.07.99: B.B. King (joint arrangement). Support: Vidar Busk and His True Believers, Tiger City Jukes (USA/N/N)
28.08.99: Mike and the Blue Family
09.09.99: Byther Smith and the Nightriders (USA)
30.09.99: Carey Bell (USA)
15.10.99: The Booze Brothers (S) Boogie/ blues-rock
22.10.99: CD release Ronnie Jacobsen and his Pure Pleasure Kings
26.11.99: CD release Good Time Charlie
17.12.99: Julebord Ritas Lolitas
30.12.99: General Electric (Kristiansand)
22.01.00: Highway 61 Foundation, disc recording event with Lene Tønnessen, Mike and The Blue Family, Bourbon Blues Band, Same Ol` Blues
11.02.00: Square One (Tvedestrand)
18.03.00: Blues in a cup (Oslo)
08.04.00: Bald n' Delicious (Bryne/Stavanger)
06.05.00: J. T. Lauritsen & the Buckshot Hunters
27.05.00: Tønsberg Bluesband
16.06.00: Vetrhus Blues Band (Odda)
17.06.00: Bragdøya Blues
25.08.00: Shakey Ground Blues Band (Haugesund)
24.09.00: Big Bill Morganfield (son of Muddy Waters (USA))
03.11.00: Last Train Home
09.12.00: Ritas Lolitas (Kristiansand)
26.01.01: Gary Primich (USA)
21.02.01: Blue Masters feat. Louisiana Red
10.03.01: Joint arrangement with Kristiansand Jazzklubb and Frimusikkens Venner
20.04.01: Bertil & Gumbo Cats
19.05.01: Bragdøya Blues
01.08.01: Bourbon Blues Band (Kristiansand)
24.08.01: Doug Jay & The Blue Jays (USA)
28.09.01: A tribute to Daumann (Tor Einar Jakobsen, 50 years)
20.10.01: Little Andrew & His Blue Masters
07.11.01: Hans Thessink & Blue Groove (Netherland/USA)
15.12.01: Mike and the Blue Family
22.02.02: Daniel Eriksen & Blue Devils
07.03.02: by:larm (participation in a national arrangement)
22.03.02: Johnny Augland and The Brøyt Brothers
26.04.02: Sugar Ray & The Blue Tones feat. Monster Mike Welch (USA)
24.05.02: Geir Nofish Bertheussen
08.06.02: Bragdøya Blues
30.08.02: Gwyn Ashton (Australia/UK)
05.09.02: Debate with local politicians
02.10.02: Candye Kane (USA)
25.10.02: Grande Blues Explosion (Kjetil Grande, Johnny Augland and Per Fredriksen)
13.11.02: Homesick Mac (Sweden)
23.11.02: Tommy and The Runaway Boys
07.12.02: Ritas Lolitas
25.01.03: Tiger City Jukes
14.02.03: H.P.Lange (Denmark)
20.03.03: Dockery Dawgs
25.04.03: Local blues bands
09.05.03: R. J. Mischo (USA)
14.06.03: Bragdøya Blues